Book Study

Book Discussion: “The End of White Christian America” by Robert P. Jones 

Thursdays, January 12 - February 23
7:15-8:45 p.m., Elson Parlor

This important new book begins with the arresting sentence: “After a long life spanning nearly two hundred and forty years, White Christian America – a prominent cultural force in the nation’s history – has died.” The author, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, explores seismic cultural changes that are literally realigning the religious landscape of the United States. His persuasive, intelligent, and fair-minded argument chronicles the loss of traditional influence as well as presenting strategic ways forward for churches like NPC. The book is available for sale in the church bookstore. For more information contact: or call 202.537.7527
Reading Schedule
  • January 12: “An Obituary…” and Chapter 1, Who is White Christian America
  • January 19: Chapter 2, Vital Signs: A Divided and Dying White Christian America
  • January 26: Chapter 3, Politics: The End of the White Christian Strategy
  • February 2: Chapter 4, Family: Gay Marriage and White Christian America
  • February 9: Chapter 5, Race: Desegregating White Christian America
  • February 16:  No Meeting   
  • February 23: Chapter 6, A Eulogy for White Christian America