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Oct 31 2004

New Wine Ferments 

John 2:1-11
Dr. Gareth W. Icenogle

sermon2004-10-31.mp3 or 2004.10.31.Icenogle.pdf

Oct 24 2004

Follow Me 

 John 1:43-51
Dr. Gareth W. Icenogle

sermon2004-10-24.mp3 or 2004.10.24.Icenogle.pdf

Oct 17 2004

A New Name

John 1:40-42
Dr. Gareth W. Icenogle

sermon2004-10-17.mp3 or 2004.10.17.Icenogle.pdf

Oct 10 2004

What Are You Looking For? 

John 1:35-39
Dr. Gareth W. Icenogle

sermon2004-10-10.mp3 or 2004.10.10.Icenogle.pdf

Oct 3 2004

The Lamb of God

John 1:29-34
Dr. Gareth W. Icenogle

sermon2004-10-03.mp3 or 2004.10.03.Icenogle.pdf