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Apr 30 2006

Part 1: Touched by Grace

Luke 2:41-52
Jesus' Pathway of Discipleship
Dr. Gareth W. Icenogle

Apr 23 2006

The Lord is My Shepherd

Psalm 23
Communion of Saints
Dr. Harry Winsheimer

sermon2006-04-23.mp3 or 2006.04.23.Winsheimer.pdf

Apr 16 2006

Good News for the Dead

John 20:1-18
Good News for the Distressed
Dr. Gareth W. Icenogle

sermon2006-04-16.mp3 or 2006.04.16.Icenogle.pdf

Apr 9 2006

Good News for the Hard-Pressed

John 12:9-19
Good News for Those Who Digress
Dr. Gareth W. Icenogle

sermon2006-04-09.mp3 or 2006.04.09.Icenogle.pdf

Apr 2 2006

Good News for the Depressed

John 5:1-18; Philippians 4:6-7
Dr. Harry Winsheimer

sermon2006-04-02.mp3 or 2006.04.02.Icenogle.pdf