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Feb 26 2012

FIRST SUNDAY IN LENT Faith and Art: Fully Human, Fully God

First Sunday in Lent
John 1:1-18 
Faith and Art series exhibit of works by NPC artists revealing how God is redeeming humankind and creation 
Dr. Douglas A. Learned

sermon2012-02-26.mp3 or Sermon Text

Feb 22 2012

ASH WEDNESDAY: Loving Rock Bottom

John 13:1-15; John 13:33-35 
Dr. David Renwick, Senior Pastor


Feb 19 2012

Dead End in Sight!

Transfiguration Sunday
John 1:29-34; John 11:45-53 
Dr. David Renwick, Senior Pastor

sermon2012-02-19.mp3 or Sermon Text

Feb 12 2012

Something Beautiful for God

Psalm 116:1-2; Psalm 116:12-19; John 12:1-8 
Dr. David Renwick, Senior Pastor

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Feb 5 2012

High Anxiety

John 11:1-44 
Dr. David Renwick, Senior Pastor

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