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July 16, 2017

"The Reformation and the Origins of the “Reformed” Movement"
Dr. Bruce Douglass
Bruce Douglass is Associate Professor and Political Theory Field Chair in the Department of Government of Georgetown University, and the director of the Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington.   


June 18, 2017

"The Bible and the Founders: How Scripture Shaped American Democracy"
Dr. Daniel Dreisbach
Daniel Dreisbach is a Professor in the School of Public Affairs at American University. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oxford University and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Virginia. Dr. Dreisbach's research interests include constitutional law and the intersection of politics, law, and religion.  


June 4, 2017

"The Unintended Reformation"
Dr. Joseph Small
Joseph Small served for many years as the Director of Theology, Worship and Education for the PCUSA. He is the author of several books including To Be Reformed: Living the Tradition.  


May 28, 2017

"Who is My Neighbor? Hospitality in a Climate of Fear"
Todd Green
Todd Green is Associate Professor of Religion at Luther College and author of The Fear of Islam: An Introduction to Islamophobia in the West. He is completing a year-long Franklin Fellowship at the State Department.